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New York: City of My Dreams
A Muslim Spiritual Response You Can Help Afghan Refugees in Iran
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Full report on Afghan aid mission
Please convey to MPF members the profound gratitude of the thousands of Afghan recipients whose lives have been made a little more comfortable through the generosity of their contributions. [Nov 22, 2001]

Rejecting Terror While Embracing Justice: A Symposium
Many of us feel torn between our horror at the events of September 11 and our horror at the subsequent response of the United States. Both President Bush and Osama bin Laden insist we must be either for them or against them. The Muslims are called to be “a middle people.” Where is our Middle Way?
[.RTF format, 76k, Nov 11, 2001]

MPF sponsors emergency aid mission for Afghan children

The Muslim Peace Fellowship will be sending aid to some of the desperate people of Afghanistan, through Tajikistan, in two weeks. [Oct 4, 2001]

MPF helps Afghan refugees entering Iran
The Muslim Peace Fellowship is now a supporting agency to assist Afghan refugees entering Iran as well as displaced Afghanis in western Afghanistan. [Sep 30, 2001]

MPF helps the family of a WTC victim
"He was a beloved member of our community," writes Elinor Aishah Holland Phillips, "a man with the kindest of hearts, the father of four and husband of a grieving widow who has been an at home mom." [Sep 28, 2001]

A Muslim Spiritual Response to The Attacks of September 11th
The Good and Evil Deed are not alike...For any argument that attempts to define civilians as acceptable targets in war, despite explicit rulings of the Holy Prophet and Hadrat Abu Bakr to the contrary, requires exactly such elaborate justifications and should be immediately suspect. Furthermore it is obvious that any action causing horror and repulsion in the vast majority of people must be munkar. Therefore it is the responsibility of Muslims clearly to reject it. [Sep 25, 2001]

MPF Resources

Feed the Wolf: A Rough Guide to Global Security
"We mourn the terrible losses of September 11, 2001, and call for new ways
to assure the safety and security of all which we set forth the world's terrible track record on nuclear abolition and seek a fresh approach." [Word .doc, 107k, Nov 18, 2001]

9/11 Action Packet
The Fellowship of Reconciliation has assembled an action packet for activists and the media. [Oct 23, 2001]

Eleven Things to Know About the Middle East, Muslims, & Arabs
Stephen Zunes answers eleven basic questions about religion, culture, and politics in clear and simple language. [Oct 21, 2001]

6 ways to become a Muslim peacebuilder
What you need to do to build peace and undo violence in your family and community, locally and globally. [Oct 21
, 2001]

MPF in the News

Opponents of the war are scarce on television
"...mainstream news programs seem more squeamish about
broadcasting the dissenting views of Americans who are admittedly on
the margin of mainstream opinion."
[The New York Times, Nov 9, 2001]

Give Peace a Website

"We couldn't organize without the Web, said Rabia Harris, coordinator of the Muslim Peace Fellowship"..."The Muslim community is highly decentralized," Harris said. "We need the Web to get all the mosques and groups in contact. The Internet makes it possible to connect very quickly. It's invaluable." [Wired News, Oct 22, 2001]

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