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Grassroots Initiative launched
MPF local groups and affiliates are starting in California, Texas, South Carolina and around the country...





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Do Not Hate.

Do Not Cooperate.

The Work is only Beginning.


There will be many among us who will be thinking now, " We failed." But we have not failed. The chance of convincing Pharaoh not to do what a Pharaoh does was slim from the outset. (read more)




9/11/02 Reflections


Prayers for the Consequences
of September 11th

O Allah, unite our hearts and set aright our mutual affairs, guide us in the path of peace...



Grave Crisis in the Holy Land
Gaza PicWhich way to peace?
Which way to truth, justice, & reconciliation in the Holy Land?

More Info at florafox.com/ru/karan-51:
The best in news coverage, resources and more...
•The children in between [SF Chronicle, May 13, 2002]

Full Coverage...




Building schools for Afghanistan's future...


How you can help the children of war
War has destroyed hope, home, and schools! Help us build schools for Afghanistan's children...



Muslims envisioning a world of peace, security &  nonviolence


6 Ways You Can Become a Muslim Peace-builder
What you need to do to build peace and undo violence in your family and community, locally and globally.

More Articles:
Peace is the basic spirit of Islam
Wage peaceful war on poisons
Taught by the Pen

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Responses to 9/11 & the War
A Muslim Spiritual Response to 9/11
To reject injustice committed by fellow Muslims is to take the side of their souls.

More Articles:
What the common Afghans want [Nov 22]
Full report on Afghan mission [Nov 22]
MPF rep returns from Afghan aid mission [Nov 17]
Humor After Sept. 11th [Oct 21]

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Past Actions

Muslim/Christian Conflict Transformation Training
MPF joined with the Baptist Peace Fellowship to work for Muslim/Christian peace
>> Download the Muslim-Christian Peace Primer

Food for Afghanistan
MPF joined forces to help
feed Afghan children

FOR Interfaith Delegations
MPF has sent people to Iraq and Kosova, & continues to send delegates to Palestine & Israel

Bosnia Work Camp
FOR worked for pluralism and reconciliation in Bosnia

Campaign for Secure Dwellings
MPF partnered with
Christian Peacemaker
Teams in Palestine

National Campaign to End Iraqi Sanctions

Bosnian Student

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