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MPF Local Groups are forming in your neck of the woods!

Local groups are currently forming in three US locations. Insha'Allah, groups elsewhere in the US and in other countries will follow. If you live in any of the start-up areas, please contact the local organizer directly.

San Francisco Bay Area, California
Kari Ann Owen,
Ihsan Pollock,
Mas'ood Cajee,

Columbia, South Carolina
Eric AbdulMonaim Merkt,

San Antonio, Texas
Narjas Pierre,
San Antonio Muslim Women's Association

If you are interested in founding a local group, please call Rabia Harris, MPF Coordinator, at 845-358-4601 ex. 43.

If you are interested in joining a local group, please send an e-mail containing your name, contact information, and location to MPF Membership Secretary Judi Sherman at We will connect you as groups become available.

Traditionally, many mosques have been surrounded by coffeehouses or other gathering-places where people could meet and talk with each other on either side of the prayer. Muslims today need more such gathering-places: sites for informal, open, friendly conversation in the shadow of service to Allah. In this spirit, the Muslim Peace Fellowship is happy to announce the launching of its Local Groups Initiative.

An MPF Local Group is a circle where it doesn't matter if you cover your head or don't, or whether you grow your beard or don't, but where it does matter that you want to serve Allah through service to creation. Local Groups organize around monthly potluck dinners held serially in the homes of members. Dinner is accompanied by a speaker or a prearranged book or topic discussion, and/or a local project strategy session. Although local organizers are MPF members, participation is open to anyone who agrees to abide by the MPF statement of principles and the Code of Adab (drawn from traditional sources).

Local groups will be locally directed and focused. Though MPF will send out suggestions for projects and conversations, these are intended to stimulate ideas and activities, rather than limit or control them. Conversely, we hope that local thinking and action, circulated internationally through posting here on MPFweb, will fire our imaginations and the imaginations of others.

We look forward to hearing from you...and even more to your hearing from each other.

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