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The World after September 11, 2001
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New York: City of My Dreams
A Muslim Spiritual Response You Can Help Afghan Refugees in Iran
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Seeing With Both Eyes
"The Dajjal, as everyone knows," remarks Abdul-Hakim Murad, "has only one eye.The human creature has been given two eyes for reasons of obvious biological utility: the capacity for focussing so splendidly produced by the ciliary muscles in the eyeball (a superb technology most of us never pause to give thanks for) is nonetheless not a perfect instrument for the gauging of distance." [Oct 10]

A Response to Seeing With Both Eyes
Since the traditional vision cannot cope with movement, with change, and change is inevitable, its sense of the present is that *everything* (rather than just a given society) is always running down, converging upon destruction. [Oct 10]

Making the World Safe for Terrorism: A Letter from Jordan
"A mentality has been given birth in this century," argues Sh. Nuh Keller, "and the attempts by its beneficiaries to draw some legitimacy for it from existing morality or religion, if understandable at a psychological level, have nothing to do with morality or religion." [Sep 30]

New York, New York
New York, New York, the city of my dreams," muses Albanian-American writer Shqipe Malushi, "you have accepted most of us with open arms. You created a nest for us where we could have a face and a voice, and you gave us the freedom to dream." [Sep 27]

A Muslim Spiritual Response to The Attacks of September 11th
The Good and Evil Deed are not alike...For any argument that attempts to define civilians as acceptable targets in war, despite explicit rulings of the Holy Prophet and Hadrat Abu Bakr to the contrary, requires exactly such elaborate justifications and should be immediately suspect. Furthermore it is obvious that any action causing horror and repulsion in the vast majority of people must be munkar. Therefore it is the responsibility of Muslims clearly to reject it. [Sep 25]

How to know if you are acting like a kafir
The human kafir becomes so by caring more for the advantages of this world than for the consequences of his acts (al-akhirah). He denies that his acts have consequences, and so becomes unconscious. [Sep 25]

Khutba at the funeral prayer offered for Muhammad Shahjahan al-Jerrahi, father of four, and the other Muslims slain in the disaster
On Tuesday September 11th, in front of our eyes, thousands of innocent fathers, mothers, children, sisters, brothers, friends, loved ones, who went to work to bring sustenance to their families, were killed indiscriminately, regardless of age, gender, race, nation or religion. [Sep 14]

Twin Towers Viewed from A Western Minaret
"When I became a Muslim a dozen years ago," writes author Michael Wolfe, "it never occurred to me that one day I might feel like three different people." [Sep 12]

"I'm Muslim, and I'm Afraid"
Please, let's not let suspicion run rampant," pleads Rhonda Roumani,'s Islam producer. "Yesterday, like many others around the country, I felt my heart sink, my throat tighten and my eyes fill with tears." [Sep 12]

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