Oregano for nasal congestion

Oregano for nasal congestion

Oregano for Treating Nasal Congestion

Oregano oil is an especially effective natural remedy for a wide range of conditions including nasal congestion and sinus infections. While there are many herbs across the globe with a tone of healing abilities, oregano is quite unique because it has both antioxidant and antibacterial properties thus making it a healing marvel. Not many people know this but when used appropriately; natural remedies accrue far more benefits as compared to the mainstream treatments used for many medical conditions today. This can be attributed to the fact that the body doesn’t become resistant to natural remedies.

A few things to know about using oregano for nasal congestion

  • Carvacrol is a naturally occurring anti-bacterial agent in oregano
  • The higher the concentration of Carvacrol, the better
  • Liquid and capsule forms of oregano in most cases are slightly diluted with a carrier oil such as olive oil
  • Oregano oil only comes in liquid or capsule forms
  • Oregano oil is usually very strong and sometimes causes a burning sensation. This is why many people opt for capsules.
  • Pregnant women should stay clear of oregano oil


The difference between mainstream medication and oregano oil for nasal congestion

In as much as the theory behind traditional medication is plausible to some extent, we have to accept the fact the reality isn’t always positive. Using mainstream medication and antibiotics regularly eventually causes the body to become immune and as a result, mainstream medication becomes less effective for treatment. In addition, this medication makes the human body more vulnerable to infections in future as it kills the good bacteria.

Natural remedies like oregano, on the other hand, are safe and effective for treating conditions like nasal congestions without the risk of altering the natural balance of the body. [pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]For more than 2000 years, oregano has been used as a medicinal herb as well as for culinary purposes.[/pullquote]

How oregano oil works

Oregano oil contains antioxidant and antibiotic properties. In addition, one gram of oregano contains 42 times more antioxidant abilities as compared to one gram of apples. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties that allow it to relieve any swelling in the nasal cavities thus facilitating free mucus flow.

How to use oregano oil

This is quite a straightforward process. For starters, one can pour a drop or two beneath the tongue. The other option is to bringing a pot of water to a steam, pouring a few drops of oregano oil into the water then draping a cloth over the neck or head while inhaling the vapor. Either way, treatment will be effective.

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