Avoid this foods that cause cancer!


[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]While many people are aware of the big cancer word, many don’t realize the risk they subject themselves to daily. [/pullquote]

Much of the foods that make up our daily diet set us up for risk.  While we once grew our own food and processed much of it for ourselves we now trust others to do it for us.

GMO’s or organically modified organisms have no place in our diet if we want to avoid an increased risk of getting cancer.  GMO’s are everywhere including food derivatives made from conventional corn, soybeans and canola.  In order to prevent this risk eat only foods labeled organic, certified non-GMO or locally grown foods that are grown naturally.

popcorn-cancerMicrowave popcorn might be convenient but they are loaded with chemicals that can cause infertility, pancreatic, testicular and liver cancer.  The linings inside the bags have been considered carcinogenic and suspect for contamination of the popcorn during the cooking process.

Processed meats including lunch meats, bacon, sausage and hot dogs contain chemical preservatives that make them appear fresh.  Sodium Nitrates and Nitrites have been shown to increase the risk of colon and various other types of cancer.  Choose only meats uncured meats that come from grass-fed animals.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Soft drinks have a long historical link to cancer[/pullquote]

They are loaded with sugar, chemicals and colorings and cause an acidic buildup in the body.  Diet soft drinks have an even worse history with the ingredient aspartame.  Not only is this ingredient traced to birth defects but is widely charged with being very conducive to the spread of cancer into our bodies.

Refined flours is not only laden with many chemicals or preservatives but is considered a high carbohydrate food content.  A study shows that a diet high in refined flour is likely to cause a 220% increase in the likelihood of breast cancer.  refined-flour-cancerDiabetics face prolonged elevation of blood sugars and risk several complications related to damage caused throughout the body.

Refined sugars help to retain yeast and bacteria in the body system creating concern and risk similar to refined flour.  Rarely are these 2 issues used separately.  Most recipes that use refined flours also call for refined sugar thus doubling the risk for diabetes complications as well as a feeding ground for cancer cells.

Think our fruits and vegetables are safe?  98% of all fruits and vegetables are placed on what is called the dirty list.  They are loaded with pesticides and fertilizers that are deemed unsafe.  For the sake of productivity they are overlooked for our normal consumption.  Much of the ingredients on the fertilizer and pesticides have been determined to be cancer causing but allowed when mixed and used for food consumption.  Consider only fresh organic fruits and vegetables in order to protect yourselves and your family.

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